On April 22, 2003.

On April 22, 2003, “ESC Records” label released “34th N Lex”, the eight Randy Brecker album. It was recorded May – September 2002, and was produced by George Whitty.


  • Randy Brecker– trumpet, arranger, flugelhorn, producer, engineer, horn arrangements, pre-programming
  • Michael Brecker– tenor saxophone
  • David Sanborn– alto saxophone
  • Ada Rovatti – tenor saxophone
  • Ronnie Cuber– baritone saxophone
  • Michael Davis– trombone
  • Fred Wesley– trombone
  • Chris Minh Doky– bass, electric bass, engineer, acoustic bass
  • Gary Haase – bass, guitar, arranger, drums, keyboards, programming, sound effects, producer, engineer, drum programming, percussion programming, vocal effect
  • George Whitty– bass, piano, arranger, keyboards, programming, engineer, drum programming, mixing, percussion programming, effects, effects programming
  • Chris Taylor – guitar
  • Adam Rogers– guitar, engineer
  • Clarence Penn – drums
  • Zach Danziger – drum programming
  • Phoenix – vocals
  • Joachim Becker – executive producer
  • Dae Bennett – engineer
  • Phil Pagano – engineer
  • Greg Calbi– mastering
  • Francois Zalacain – release production

 Track listing:

All tracks by Randy Brecker, except where noted.

  1. 34th N Lex
  2. Streeange
  3. Shanghigh
  4. All 4 Love – Randy Brecker, Gary Haase, J. Phoenix
  5. Let If Go
  6. Foregone Conclusion – Randy Brecker, Henderson
  7. Hula Dula
  8. The Fisherman – Randy Brecker, Leo Kottke
  9. Give It Up
  10. Tokyo Freddie
  11. The Castle Rocks

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