Lola V. Stain: Ikona

On March 12, 1990, “Blind Dog Records” label released “Ikona” the debut Lola V. Stain album. It was recorded in January 1990, at “Art Studio” in Zagreb, Croatia, and was produced by Željko Jerbić, Zlatko Oriđanski and Pavel Rendžov


  • Zlatko Oriđanski – vocals, fretless bass, acoustic and electric guitar, tamburitza, mandolin
  • Pavel Rendžov – vocals, percussion
  • Miroslav Spasov – vocals, keyboards
  • Pece Atanasovski – bagpipes
  • Luiđi Gados – oboe
  • Viktor Libl – design
  • Vlado Georgiev – Čika – photography

Track listing:

  1. Makova Polja
  2. Rani Jadi

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