On October 5, 2000.

On October 5, 2000, “Masters of Art” label released “Curly’s Airships”, the third Judge Smith album. It was recorded 1994 – 2000, at “Masters of Art Studio” in Sussex, “The Organ Workshop” in Lymm, Cheshire, and various locations in England, France and Holland.


  • Judge Smith– vocals, bass, drum tracks
  • John Ellis– electric guitars, Ebow, mandolin
  • Hugh Banton– organ, piano
  • Pete Brown– vocals, percussion
  • Rikki Patten – supplementary guitar
  • David Jackson– saxophones, whistle
  • Joe Hinchliff – accordion
  • Ian Fordham – bass guitar, double bass
  • René van Commenée – tabla, ghatam, tambura
  • Tammo Heikens – sitar, tambura
  • David Shaw-Parker – vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, actor
  • Arthur Brown– vocals
  • Peter Hammill– vocals
  • Paul Roberts– vocals
  • Paul Thompson – vocals
  • Nick Lucas – vocals, actor
  • Gwendolyn Gray – actress
  • Mike Bell – actor
  • The Mystery Marching Band
  • Cover art – Glide Design of Eastbourne

Track listing:

Chapter One: Curly Comes Through

  1. Voices From A Crystal Set
  2. Walking Her Out

Chapter Two: Curly’s Conducted Tour

  1. Curly Takes Us Up
  2. Drifting About Like a Bad Smell

Chapter Three: Curly In The Clouds

  1. Curly In The Clouds

Chapter Four: Catastrophe

  1. A Capital Idea
  2. A Shrieking Of Aluminium

Chapter Five: Curly On Civvy Street

  1. Curly On Civvy Street

Chapter Six: A Great British Compromise

  1. That Imperial Airship Scheme
  2. From The Sidelines

Chapter Seven: A Kindly Sort Of Cove

  1. A Kindly Sort Of Cove

Chapter Eight: Curly At Cardington

  1. Curly At Cardington

Chapter Nine: Lord Of A Continent

  1. A Creature Of Grace
  2. A Byronic Sort Of Blighter

Chapter Ten: Big Chief And Some Minor Bugs

  1. Big Chief And Some Minor Bugs

Chapter Eleven: Curly’s Close Shave

  1. The Canadian Run
  2. Conan Doyle & The Flying Sieve
  3. Horrors At Hendon

Chapter Twelve: Cutting The Lady In Half

  1. As Safe As A House
  2. A Ship Of Fools

Chapter Thirteen: Curly Gets The Creeps

  1. The Night Before
  2. The Morning After

Chapter Fourteen: Curly Cashes His Chips

  1. Bedford To Hastings
  2. Hastings To Beauvais

Chapter Fifteen: Carry On Curly

  1. The Muffled Drum
  2. The Final Taboo

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