On September 16, 1991.

On September 16, 1991, “Heavenly” label released “Foxbase Alpha”, the debut Saint Etienne album. It was recorded 1990 – 1991, at “Cat Music” in London, and was produced by Sarah Cracknell, Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs.


  • Sarah Cracknell– vocals
  • Bob Stanley– Roland Jupiter 4, Korg M1, tambourine
  • Pete Wiggs– SCI Prophet 5, Emax sampler, bongos
  • Ian Catt– guitars, keyboard programming, engineer
  • Moira Lambert– vocals
  • Harvey Williams – bass guitar
  • Bo Savage, Gazareth Sweeney, Uncle Vibes, Billy Nasty – The Inspirational Choir
  • Pete Heller– additional programming
  • Joe Dilworth – photography
  • Anthony Sweeney – sleeve design
  • Paul the Tailor – suits
  • Andrew Wickham – spin bowler
  • Jerry Jaffe – American psyche
  • Kate Askey – long leg
  • Martin Kelly – the cage
  • Celina Nash – girl with sign
  • John Savage – liner notes

Track listing:

All tracks written by Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs; except where noted

  1. This Is Radio Etienne
  2. Only Love Can Break Your Heart – Neil Young
  3. Wilson
  4. Can’t Sleep
  5. Girl VII
  6. Spring
  7. She’s the One
  8. Stoned to Say the Least
  9. Nothing Can Stop Us
  10. Etienne Gonna Die
  11. London Belongs to Me
  12. Like the Swallow
  13. Dilworth’s Theme




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