Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Take Them On, On Your Own

On August 25, 2003, “Virgin” label released “Take Them On, On Your Own”, the second Black Rebel Motorcycle Club studio album. It was recorded in 2003, at “Mayfair Studios” in Primrose Hill, “B.R.M.C.Studio” and “The Fortress” in London, “Exstacy Recording Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Robert Turner, Nick Jago and Peter Hayes.

  • Robert Turner – vocals, bass, guitar, engineer, mixing
  • Nick Jago – drums, percussion, engineer, mixing
  • Peter Hayes – vocals, guitar, bass, engineer, mixing
  • Ric Simpson – engineer
  • Ben Thackeray – engineer assistant
  • Mike Lazer – mastering
  • Paul Stubblebine – mastering
  • Ken Andrews– mixing, additional recording
  • Justin Smith – mixing assistant

Track listing:

All lyrics by Peter Hayes and Robert Turner, all music by Robert Turner, Nick Jago and Peter Hayes.

  1. Stop
  2. Six Barrel Shotgun
  3. We’re All in Love
  4. In Like the Rose
  5. Ha Ha High Babe
  6. Generation
  7. Shade of Blue
  8. US Government
  9. And I’m Aching
  10. Suddenly
  11. Rise or Fall
  12. Going Under
  13. Heart and Soul

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