On August 7, 2007.

On August 7, 2007, “Epic” label released “Angels & Devils”, the fourth Fuel studio album. It was recorded August – November 200, at “Chop Shop Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Scott Humphrey and Carl Bell.


  • Toryn Green– lead vocals
  • Carl Bell– guitar, backing vocals
  • Jeff Abercrombie – bass
  • Josh Freese– drums
  • Tommy Lee– drums
  • Matthew Nelson– backing vocals
  • Stefanie Fife, Kirsten Fife, Jennifer Walton – strings
  • Carl Bell, Stefanie Fife – string arrangements
  • Michael Shipley – mixing
  • Ben Grosse – mixing
  • Brad Blackwood – mastering
  • Ted Jensen – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Carl Bell, except where noted.

  1. Gone
  2. I Should Have Told You – Carl Bell, Marti Frederiksen
  3. Forever
  4. Wasted Time (G-Mi)
  5. Leave the Memories Alone
  6. Mess
  7. Not This Time
  8. Scars in the Making – Carl Bell, Keith Wallen
  9. Hangin’ Round
  10. Again
  11. Halos of the Son – Jeff Abercrombie, Ryan Giles, Toryn Green
  12. Angels Take a Soul
  13. Wasted Time (S-Mix)




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