George Thorogood and the Destroyers: The Hard Stuff

On May 30, 2006, “Eagle” label released “The Hard Stuff”, the thirteenth George Thorogood and the Destroyers studio album. It was recorded in 2006, and was produced by Jim Gaines, Jim Suhler, Bill Blough, George Thorogood, Jeff Simon, Buddy Leach and  Tom Hambridge.


  • George Thorogood– vocals, guitar
  • Jim Suhler– guitar
  • Bill Blough – bass
  • Jeff Simon – drums
  • Buddy Leach – saxophone
  • Rick Steff– accordion, piano
  • Shawn Berman – engineer
  • Leon Zervos– mastering
  • Joshua Blanchard, Jason Gillespie, Jay Goin, Adam Hill – engineer assistant
  • Henry Marquez – art direction
  • Chris Cuffaro – photography
  • Steve Morse– liner notes

Track listing:

  1. The Hard Stuff – George Thorogood, Jim Suhler, Tom Hambridge
  2. Hello Josephine – Dave Bartholomew, Antoine “Fats” Domino Jr.
  3. Moving – Chester Arthur Burnett
  4. I Got My Eyes On You – Mike Morgan
  5. I Didn’t Know – George Thorogood, Tom Hambridge
  6. Any Town U.S.A. – George Thorogood, Jim Suhler, Tom Hambridge
  7. Little Rain – Ewart Abner, Jimmy Reed
  8. Cool It! – Jim Suhler
  9. Love Doctor – Richard Fleming, Tom Hambridge
  10. Dynaflow Blues – Johnny Shines
  11. Rock Party – Holland K. Smith
  12. Drifter’s Escape – Bob Dylan
  13. Give Me Back My Wig – Theodore Roosevelt “Hound Dog” Taylor
  14. Takin’ Care Of Business – Rudy Toombs
  15. Huckle Up Baby – Bernard Besman, John Lee Hooker

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