Brian Jonestown Massacre: Take It from the Man!

On May 28, 1996, “Bomp!” label released “Take It from the Man!”, the third Brian Jonestown Massacre studio album. November 1995 – February 1996, and was produced by Larry Thrasher.


  • Anton Newcombe– vocals, guitar, bass, organ, mellotron, drums
  • Dean Taylor, Jeff Davies, Mara Keagle – guitar
  • Matt Hollywood– vocals, bass, guitar
  • Brian Glaze– drums
  • Joel Gion– percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Anton Newcombe, Matt Hollywood, Dean Taylor, Jeff Davies, Mara Keagle, Brian Glaze and Joel Gion, except where noted.

  1. Vacuum Boots
  2. Who?
  3. Oh Lord
  4. Caress
  5. (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six
  6. Straight Up and Down
  7. Monster – Anton Newcombe, Jeff Davies
  8. Take It from the Man
  9. S.A.
  10. Mary, Please
  11. Monkey Puzzle
  12. Fucker
  13. Dawn
  14. Cabin Fever
  15. In My Life
  16. The Be Song
  17. My Man Syd
  18. Straight Up and Down (long version)

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