On May 6, 2014.

On May 6, 2014, “Prestige Folklore” label released “Childhood Home”, the twelfth Ben Harper studio album. It was recorded in released 2014 at “The Machine Shop” in Santa Monica, California, and was produced by Ben Harper, Ethan Allan, Jason Mozersky, Jesse Ingalls and Jimmy Paxson. The album is Ben Harper’s collaboration with his mother, Ellen.


  • Ben Harper – vocals, guitars, autoharp, dulcimer
  • Ellen Harper – vocals, guitar, banjo
  • Jesse Ingalls – bass, keyboards
  • Jason Mozersky – guitar
  • Jimmy Paxson – drums
  • Ethan Allen – engineer, mixing
  • Tom Dolan – art direction
  • Trifon Trifonopolous – photography
  • Daniel Voll – cover photo
  • Eric Hendrix – back cover photo

 Track listing:

All tracks by Ben Harper; except where noted.

  1. A House is a Home
  2. City of Dreams
  3. Born to Love You
  4. Heavyhearted World
  5. Farmer’s Daughter
  6. Memories of Gold
  7. Altar of Love
  8. Break Your Heart
  9. Learn it All Again Tomorrow
  10. How Could We Not Believe



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