On April 25, 1999.

On April 25, 1999, “Warner Music” label released “Cuando los Ángeles Lloran”  (English: When the Angels Cry) the fourth Maná studio album. It was recorded in 1994 at “Record Plant Studios” in Hollywood, “Funny Farm Studios” in Studio City, Ca and “Puerta Azul-Mobile” in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and was produced by Fher Olvera and Alex González.


  • Fher Olvera– lead vocals, choir, acoustic and electric guitar, harmonics
  • Sergio Vallín; acoustic and electric guitar, sitar coral
  • Juan Carlos Toribio – keyboards, piano, Hammond B-3 organ
  • Juan Calleros– bass guitar
  • Alex González– lead vocals, choir, drums, electric percussion
  • Luis Conte – percussions
  • David Hidalgo – accordion
  • David Shamban – cello
  • Ramon Flores, Eric Jorgensen, Jene Burkert, Charles David – brass

Track listing:

  1. Como un Perro Enloquecido – Fher Olvera, Alex González
  2. Selva Negra – Fher Olvera
  3. Hundido En Un Rincón- Fher Olvera
  4. El Reloj Cucú- Fher Olvera
  5. Mis Ojos – Fher Olvera
  6. Ana – Fher Olvera
  7. Siembra el Amor – Fher Olvera
  8. Cuando los Ángeles Lloran – Fher Olvera
  9. Déjame Entrar – Fher Olvera
  10. No Ha Parado De Llover- Fher Olvera, Alex González
  11. Antifaz – Fher Olvera, Alex González
  12. El Borracho – Alex González

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