On March 11, 2006.

On March 11, 2006, “Sony BMG Australia” label released “Moo, You Bloody Choir”, the third Augie March studio album. It was recorded November 2004 – June 2005, at “Sing Sing” and “Woodstock Studios” in Melbourne, “Hyde Street Studios” in San Francisco, “Second World Studios” in Victoria, and was produced by Eric Drew Feldman, Paul McKercher, Glenn Richards, Edmondo Ammendola, Adam Donovan, Kiernan Box and David Williams.


  • Glenn Richards – vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Edmondo Ammendola – bass guitar
  • Adam Donovan – guitar, keyboards
  • Kiernan Box – keyboards
  • David Williams – drums, percussion
  • Ben Gillespie – trombone
  • Chris Tanner – clarinet
  • Eugene Ball– trumpet
  • Julien Wilson – tenor saxophone
  • Miki Tsunoda, Andrea Keeble, Matthew Tompkins – violin
  • Esther Michel – sleigh bells

Track listing:

All tracks by Glenn Richards

  1. One Crowded Hour
  2. Victoria’s Secrets
  3. The Cold Acre
  4. Stranger Strange
  5. Mother Greer
  6. The Honey Month
  7. Just Passing Through
  8. Thin Captain Crackers
  9. Bottle Baby
  10. Wellington Reverie
  11. The Baron of Sentiment
  12. Bolte and Dunstan Talk Youth
  13. Clockwork
  14. Vernoona

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