In January 1981.

In January 1981, “Albion” label released “Stands for Decibels”, the debut dB’s album. It was recorded in 1980, and was produced by Alan Betrock. The album was dedicated to George Scott III.


  • Chris Stamey – vocals, guitar
  • Peter Holsapple – vocals, guitar
  • Gene Holder – bass guitar
  • Will Rigby– drums
  • Victoria DeVeraux – painting
  • Malcolm Garrett– typography
  • Stephanie Chernikowski – photography

Track listing:

  1. Black and White – Peter Holsapple
  2. Dynamite – Gene Holder, Peter Holsapple, Will Rigby, Chris Stamey
  3. She’s Not Worried – Chris Stamey
  4. The Fight – Peter Holsapple
  5. Espionage – Chris Stamey
  6. Tearjerkin’ – Chris Stamey
  7. Cycles Per Second – Chris Stamey
  8. Bad Reputation – Peter Holsapple
  9. Big Brown Eyes – Peter Holsapple
  10. I’m in Love – Chris Stamey
  11. Moving in Your Sleep – Peter Holsapple

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