Rick Wakeman: Rick Wakeman’s Criminal Record

In November 1977, “A&M” label released “Rick Wakeman’s Criminal Record”, the seventh Rick Wakeman studio album. It was recorded April – June 1977, at “Mountain Studios” in Montreux, Switzerland, and was produced by Rick Wakeman.


• Rick Wakeman – Steinway 9′ grand piano, Polymoog synthesiser, Hammond C3 organ, Birotron, Mander pipe organ at St. Martin’s church in Vevey, RMI computer keyboard, harpsichord, Fender Rhodes 88 electric piano, Hohner clavinet, Baldwin electric harpsichord, church organ, Minimoog synthesiser
• Chris Squire – bass guitar
• Alan White – drums
• Frank Ricotti – percussion
• Bill Oddie – vocals
• Ars Laeta Choir of Lausanne – choir
• Robert Mernoud – conductor
• John Timperley – engineer, mixing
• Dave Richards – engineer assistant, mixing
• Chuck Beeson – visual concept, design
• Roland Young – art direction

Track listing:

All tracks by Rick Wakeman.

1. Statue of Justice
2. Crime of Passion
3. Chamber of Horrors
4. Birdman of Alcatraz
5. The Breathalyser
6. Judas Iscariot


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