In October 1967.

In October 1967, “ESP-Disk” label released “One Nation Underground”, the debut Pearls Before Swine album. It was recorded in May 1967 in New York City, and was produced by Richard L. Alderson. Early album copies were sold with a small poster of the Hell panel from Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights, a detail of which was used on the album sleeve. The album became the most successful “ESP – Disk” release ever.


  • Tom Rapp – vocals, guitar
  • Wayne Harley – autoharp, banjo, mandoline, vibraphone, audio oscillator, harmony
  • Lane Lederer – bass, guitar, English horn, Swinehorn, sarangi, celeste, finger cymbals, vocals
  • Roger Crissinger – organ, harpsichord, clavioline
  • Warren Smith – drums, percussion

Track listing:

  1. Another Time – Tom Rapp
  2. Playmate – Saxie Dowell
  3. Ballad To An Amber Lady – Roger Crissinger, Tom Rapp
  4. (Oh Dear) Miss Morse – Tom Rapp
  5. Drop Out! – Tom Rapp
  6. Morning Song – Tom Rapp
  7. Regions Of May – Tom Rapp
  8. Uncle John – Tom Rapp
  9. I Shall Not Care – Teasdale, Roman Tombs, Tom Rapp
  10. The Surrealist Waltz – Lane Lederer, Roger Crissinger

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