In October 1967.

In October 1967, “Verve” label released “Chelsea Girl”, the debut Nico solo album. It was recorded April – May 1967, at “Mayfair Recording Studios” in Manhattan, and was produced by Tom Wilson. The album name is a reference to Andy Warhol’s 1966 movie “Chelsea Girls”, in which Nico starred.


  • Christa “Nico” Päffgen– vocals
  • Jackson Browne– electric guitar
  • Lou Reed– electric guitar
  • John Cale– viola, organ, guitar
  • Sterling Morrison– electric guitar
  • Val Valentin- director of engineering
  • Gary Kellgren- recording and remix engineer
  • Larry Fallon– string and flute arrangements
  • Paul Morrissey- photography

Track listing:

  1. The Fairest of the Seasons – Jackson Browne, Gregory Copeland
  2. These Days – Jackson Browne
  3. Little Sister – John Cale, Lou Reed
  4. Winter Song – John Cale
  5. It Was a Pleasure Then – Lou Reed, John Cale, Christa Päffgen
  6. Chelsea Girls – Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison
  7. I’ll Keep It With Mine – Bob Dylan
  8. Somewhere There’s a Feather – Jackson Browne
  9. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams – Lou Reed
  10. Eulogy to Lenny Bruce – Tim Hardin



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