On September 5, 2009.

On September 5, 2009, “Head Records” label released “4 Days in Sing Sing”, the twelfth Black Sorrows studio album. It was recorded in four days in 2009, at “Sing Sing Studios” in Melbourne, and was produced by Joe Camilleri and Peter Bain-Hogg.


  • Joe Camilleri – vocals, sax, guitar, harmonica, melodica
  • James Black – piano, Hammond organ, guitar
  • Claude Carranza –  vocals, guitar
  • Joe Creighton – vocals, bass guitar
  • Tony Floyd – vocals, drums
  • Alejandro Vega – percussion
  • Tim Wilson – saxophone
  • Dave Newdick – trumpet
  • Jordan Murray – trombone

Track listing:

  1. Best Thing
  2. What Levi Wants
  3. Lonesome Road
  4. Lean On Me
  5. Don’t Judge Me Too Hard
  6. Lay By My Side
  7. Comfort Me
  8. Every Natural Thing
  9. Midnight Rain
  10. The Raven
  11. Sometimes I Wish
  12. Where’s it All Gonna End
  13. Better Times
  14. Such a Night
  15. Little Murders
  16. Viva La Money
  17. Sumo

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