In September 1965.

In September 1965, “Elektra” label released “Fifth Album”, the fourth Judy Collins album. It was recorded in 1965, and was produced by Mark Abramson.


  • Judy Collins – vocals, guitar, piano
  • Danny Kalb – guitar
  • Eric Weissberg– guitar, backing vocals
  • Bill Takas – bass
  • Bill Lee– bass
  • Chuck Israels– bass, cello
  • John Sebastian– harmonica
  • Jerry Dodgion – flute
  • Richard Fariña– dulcimer
  • Robert Sylvester – cello
  • William S. Harvey – design
  • Jim Frawley – photography
  • Jac Holzman- production supervisor

Track listing:

  1. Pack Up Your Sorrows – Richard Fariña
  2. The Coming of the Roads -Billy Edd Wheeler
  3. So Early, Early in the Spring – traditional
  4. Tomorrow is a Long Time -Bob Dylan
  5. Daddy You’ve Been on My Mind – Bob Dylan
  6. Thirsty Boots -Eric Andersen
  7. Tambourine Man – Bob Dylan
  8. Lord Gregory – traditional
  9. In the Heat of the Summer – Phil Ochs
  10. Early Morning Rain – Gordon Lightfoot
  11. Carry It On – Gil Turner
  12. It Isn’t Nice  (live) – Malvina Reynolds

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