In September 1965.

In September 1965, “MGM” label released “Ballads of the Hills and Plains”, the third Hank Williams Jr. album. It was recorded in July 1965; at “Columbia Recording Studios” in Nashville, and was produced by Jim Vienneau.


  • Hank Williams Jr.– vocals, guitar
  • Grady Martin, Jerry Kennedy, Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton – guitar
  • Hargus “Pig” Robbins– piano
  • Bob Moore– bass
  • The Jordanaires– vocal accompaniment

Track listing:

  1. Doc Holiday – John Paulovic
  2. Cowpoke – Tillman Franks, David Houston
  3. Blood’s Thicker Than Water – Danny Dill, Wayne P. Walker
  4. The Blizzard – Harlan Howard
  5. Stampede – Jim Dale, Frances Paulin
  6. The Rainmaker – Cliff Friend, Jack Sanders, Mack Vickery
  7. Streets of Laredo – traditional
  8. Black Lightning – Ricky Hester
  9. Big Twenty – Dillis
  10. The Eyes of Death – Danny Dill
  11. I’m Afraid – Allen Nelson, Carolyn Stringer

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