On August 8, 1988.

On August 8, 1988, “Mercury” label released “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”, the sixth Robert Cray album. It was recorded in 1988 and was produced by Bruce Bromberg and Dennis Walker.


  • Robert Cray – guitar, vocals
  • Peter Boe – keyboards
  • Charlie Brocco – mixing assistant
  • Richard Cousins – bass
  • Jeff Hendrickson – mixing
  • Wayne Jackson– trombone, trumpet
  • Andrew Love– tenor saxophone
  • The Memphis Horns– arranger, horn, horn arrangements
  • Dave Olson – drums
  • David Sanborn– alto saxophone
  • Bill Dashiell – engineer
  • Deborah Feingold – photography
  • Bernie Grundman– mastering
  • Mike Kloster, Fidel Bell – assistant engineer
  • Chris Thompson – design


  1. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – Robert Cray, Dennis Walker
  2. Don’t You Even Care? – Robert Cray
  3. Your Secret’s Safe with Me – Peter Boe, Dennis Walker
  4. I Can’t Go Home – Robert Cray
  5. Night Patrol – David Amy
  6. Acting This Way – Peter Boe, Richard Cousins
  7. Gotta Change the Rules – Robert Cray
  8. Across the Line – David Amy, Peter Boe, Robert Cray, David Olson
  9. At Last – Robert Cray, Patsy Sermersheim
  10. Laugh Out Loud – Dennis Walker


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