In July 1983.

In July 1983, “Warner Bros” label released “Salute”, the sixteenth Gordon Lightfoot album. It was recorded December 1982-February 1983 at “Eastern Sound” in Toronto, and was produced by Dean Parks and Gordon Lightfoot.


  • Gordon Lightfoot – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Terry Clements – lead guitar
  • Pee Wee Charles – steel guitar
  • Dean Parks- lead guitar, synthesizer
  • Mike Heffernan – piano, electric piano
  • Harlan Rodgers – piano
  • Hadley Hockensmith – bass guitar, hi-string bass
  • Rick Haynes – bass guitar
  • Barry Keane – drums, percussion
  • Carol Parks – harmony vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Gordon Lightfoot.

  1. Salute (A Lot More Livin’ to Do)
  2. Gotta Get Away
  3. Whispers of the North
  4. Someone to Believe In
  5. Romance
  6. Knotty Pine
  7. Biscuit City
  8. Without You
  9. Tattoo
  10. Broken Dreams

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