On June 22, 2004.

On June 22, 2004, “SPV GmbH” label released “Inferno”, the seventeenth  Motörhead  album. It was recorded in 2004, at “NRG Studios”, “Paramount Studios”, “Maple Studios”, and was produced by Cameron Webb. The album cover art was by Joe Petagno.


  • Lemmy– lead vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, harmonica, sketches, handwritten lyrics
  • Phil Campbell– lead guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Mikkey Dee– drums, acoustic guitar
  • Steve Vai– guitars
  • Curtis Mathewson –strings
  • Cameron Webb– mixing, engineer
  • Bob Koszela –assistant engineer
  • Sergio Chavez – assistant engineer
  • Chris Rakestraw – assistant engineer
  • Kevin Bartley –mastering
  • Steffan Chizari – creative design
  • Mark Abramson – art direction, design
  • Robert John – group photography
  • Shawn Bathe – in-studio photography
  • Joe Petagno– Snaggletooth

Track listing:

  1. Terminal Show
  2. Killers
  3. In the Name of the Tragedy
  4. Suicide
  5. Life’s a Bitch
  6. Down on Me
  7. In the Black
  8. Fight
  9. In the Year of the Wolf
  10. Keys to Kingdom
  11. Smiling Like a Killer
  12. Whorehouse Blues

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