On June 13, 2000.

On June 13, 2000, “Atlantic” label released “Faith and Courage”, the fifth Sinéad O’Connor album. It was recorded 1999-2000, and was produced by Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs, Scott Cutler, Jerry ‘Wonder’ Duplessis, Brian Eno, Skip McDonald, Anne Preven, John Reynolds, Adrian  Sherwood, David A. Stewart and Wyclef Jean.


  • Sinéad O’Connor- vocals, backing vocals
  • Skip McDonald- guitar, bass, keyboards
  • Carlton “Bubblers” Ogilvie – bass, reggae piano
  • Professor Stretch – drum programming, keyboards
  • Rusty Anderson- guitar
  • Scott Cutler- guitar
  • Paul Bushnell – bass
  • Scot Coogan- drums
  • Jeff Turzo- drum programming
  • David Campbell- strings arrangement, viola
  • Joel Derouin – violin
  • Larry Corbet – cello
  • Dave Stewart- guitar
  • John Reynolds- drums
  • Jah Wobble- bass
  • Kieran Kiely – low and high whistles
  • Caroline Dale- strings
  • Andy Wright- programming
  • Mark Price – programming
  • Blandinna Melky Jean – vocals
  • Chris Sharrock- drums
  • Chucko Merchan – bass
  • Little Roy – backing vocals
  • Zac Rae – keyboards
  • David Levita – keyboards
  • Anne Preven- backing vocals
  • Derek Scott – guitar
  • Lil John – drums
  • Karren Berz – orchestral arrangement
  • Simon Mundey – programming
  • Bonjo I Abinghi Noah – percussion

Track listing:

  1. The Healing Room – Sinéad O’Connor
  2. No Man’s Woman – Sinéad O’Connor, Scott Cutler, Anne Preven
  3. Jealous – Sinéad O’Connor, Dave A. Stewart
  4. Dancing Lessons – Sinéad O’Connor, Wyclef Jean, Jerry Duplessis, Blandina Melky Jean, Jimmy Cozier
  5. Daddy I’m Fine – Sinéad O’Connor, Dave A. Stewart
  6. Till I Whisper U Something – Sinéad O’Connor, Dave A. Stewart
  7. Hold Back the Night – Robert Hodgens
  8. What Doesn’t Belong To Me – Sinéad O’Connor
  9. The State I’m In – Scott Cutler, Anne Preven
  10. The Lamb’s Book of Life – Sinéad O’Connor, Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs
  11. If U Ever – Sinéad O’Connor
  12. Emma’s Song – Sinéad O’Connor
  13. Kyrié Eléison – traditional, arr. by Sinéad O’Connor, Adrian Sherwood, Skip McDonald, Alan Branch



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