In May 1988.

In May 1988, “Mute” label released “A Bell Is a Cup… Until It Is Struck”, the fifth Wire  studio album. It was recorded in December 1987, and at “Preußen Tonstudio” in Berlin, and was produced by Gareth Jones.


  • Bruce Gilbert
  • Robert Gotobed
  • Graham Lewis
  • Colin Newman

Track listing:

All tracks byBruce Gilbert, Robert Gotobed, Graham Lewis and Colin Newman.

  1. Silk Skin Paws
  2. The Finest Drops
  3. The Queen of Ur and the King of Um
  4. Free Falling Divisions
  5. It’s a Boy
  6. Boiling Boy
  7. Kidney Bingos
  8. Come Back in Two Halves
  9. Follow the Locust
  10. A Public Place



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