In May 1980.

In May 1980, “I.R.S.” label released “Songs the Lord Taught Us”, the debut Cramps album. It was recorded in 1980, at “Phillips Recording” in Memphis, and was produced by Alex Chilton.


  • Lux Interior– vocals, sleeve concept
  • Poison Ivy Rorschach– guitar, sleeve concept
  • Bryan Gregory– guitar, sleeve concept
  • Nick Knox– drums, sleeve concept
  • Booker C– organ
  • John Hampton – engineer
  • Carl Grasso – art direction
  • David Arnoff – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Lux Interior and Ivy Rorschach, except where noted.

  1. TV Set
  2. Rock on the Moon – Jimmy Stewart
  3. Garbageman
  4. I Was a Teenage Werewolf
  5. Sunglasses After Dark – Dwight Pullen, L. Wray, Sr., Interior, Rorschach
  6. The Mad Daddy
  7. Mystery Plane
  8. Zombie Dance
  9. What’s Behind the Mask
  10. Strychnine – Gerry Roslie
  11. I’m Cramped – Lux Interior, Poison Ivy Rorschach, Bryan Gregory, Nick Knox and Booker C
  12. Tear It Up – Johnny Burnette, Dorsey Burnette, Paul Burlison
  13. Fever – John Davenport, Eddie Cooley

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