In April 1975.

In April 1975, “Island” label released “Hokey Pokey”, the second Linda and Richard Thompson album. It was recorded September-October1974, at “Sound Techniques” in  London, and was produced by Richard Thompson and Simon Nicol.


  • Richard Thompson- guitar, vocals, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, Electric dulcimer, piano
  • Linda Thompson- vocals
  • Timi Donald -drums
  • Pat Donaldson- bass guitar
  • Simon Nicol- guitar, piano, Hammond organ, vocals
  • John Kirkpatrick- accordion
  • Ian Whiteman -piano, Calliope
  • Sidonie Goossens- harp
  • Aly Bain- fiddle
  • The CWS Silver Band

Track listing:

All tracks by Richard Thompson except where noted.

  1. Hokey Pokey (The Ice Cream Song)
  2. I’ll Regret It All in the Morning
  3. Smiffy’s Glass Eye
  4. The Egypt Room
  5. Never Again
  6. Georgie on a Spree
  7. Old Man Inside a Young Man
  8. The Sun Never Shines on the Poor
  9. A Heart Needs a Home
  10. Mole in a Hole – Mike Waterson

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