In April 1972.

In April 1972, “Capitol” label released “Comin’ Thru”, the seventh Quicksilver Messenger Service album.


  • Dino Valenti– vocals, guitar, congas
  • Gary Duncan– guitar, vocals
  • Chuck Steaks – organ
  • Mark Ryan – bass
  • Greg Elmore– drums
  • Ken Balzell – trumpet
  • Dalton Smith– trumpet
  • Bud Brisbois– trumpet
  • Pat O’Hara – trombone
  • Charles C. Loper – trombone
  • Sonny Lewis – saxophone
  • Donald Menza– saxophone

Track listing:

  1. Doin’ Time in the U.S.A. – Gary Duncan
  2. Chicken – traditional, arranged by Dino Valenti
  3. Changes – Dino Valenti
  4. California State Correctional Facility Blues – Dino Valenti, Gary Duncan, Greg Elmore, Chuck Steaks
  5. Forty Days – Dino Valenti, Gary Duncan, Greg Elmore
  6. Mojo – Dino Valenti
  7. Don’t Lose It – Gary Duncan, Dino Valenti

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