In April 1971.

In April 1971, “Reprise” label released “City of Gold”, the fifth Pearls Before Swine album. It was recorded in 1970 in New York and Nashville, and was produced by Tom Rapp.


  • Tom Rapp: vocals, guitar
  • Elisabeth Rapp: vocals
  • David Noyes: vocals
  • Charlie McCoy: dobro, guitar, bass, harmonica
  • Norbert Putnam: bass
  • Kenneth Buttrey: drums
  • Buddy Spicher: violin, cello, viola
  • Mac Gayden: guitars
  • David Briggs: piano, harpsichord
  • John Duke: oboe, flute
  • Hutch Davie: keyboard
  • Bill Pippin: oboe, flute
  • Ed Thrasher – art direction

Track listing:

  1. Sonnet #65 – Shakespeare, Tom Rapp
  2. Once Upon A Time – Tom Rapp
  3. Raindrops – Tom Rapp
  4. City Of Gold – Tom Rapp
  5. Nancy – Cohen
  6. Seasons In The Sun – Jacque Brel, McKuen
  7. My Father – Collins
  8. The Man – Tom Rapp
  9. Casablanca – Tom Rapp
  10. Wedding – Tom Rapp
  11. Did You Dream Of – Tom Rapp

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