In February 1975.


In February 1975, “Columbia” label released “Visions of the Emerald Beyond”, the fourth Mahavishnu Orchestra studio album. It was recorded in December 1974, at “Electric Lady Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Ken Scott and John McLaughlin.


  • John McLaughlin– guitars, vocals
  • Jean-Luc Ponty– violin, vocals, electric violin, baritone violin
  • Ralphe Armstrong– bass guitar, vocals, contrabass
  • Narada Michael Walden– percussion, drums, vocals, clavinet
  • Gayle Moran– keyboards, vocals
  • Carol Shive – 2nd violin, vocals
  • Russell Tubbs – alto and soprano sax
  • Philip Hirschi – cello
  • Bob Knapp – flute, trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals, wind
  • Steve Kindler – 1st violin

Track listing:

All tracks by John McLaughlin except where noted.

  1. Eternity’s Breath – Part 1
  2. Eternity’s Breath – Part 2
  3. Lila’s Dance
  4. Can’t Stand Your Funk
  5. Pastoral
  6. Faith
  7. Cosmic Strut – Narada Michael Walden
  8. If I Could See
  9. Be Happy
  10. Earth Ship
  11. Pegasus
  12. Opus 1
  13. On the Way Home to Earth

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