In February 1971.


In February 1971, “Reprise” label released the debut, self – titled Crazy Horse album.  It was recorded in 1970, and was produced by Jack Nitzsche and Bruce Botnick. This was Danny Whitten’s last album release before his death from a drug overdose in 1972.


  • Danny Whitten— guitars, lead and backing vocals
  • Nils Lofgren— guitars, lead and backing vocals
  • Jack Nitzsche— piano, lead and backing vocals
  • Billy Talbot— bass, backing vocals
  • Ralph Molina— drums, lead and backing vocals
  • Ry Cooder— slide guitar
  • Gib Guilbeau— violin
  • Gary Burden— art direction
  • Joel Bernstein— photography

Track listing:

  1. Gone Dead Train – Russ Titelman, Jack Nitzsche
  2. Dance, Dance, Dance – Neil Young
  3. Look at All the Things – Danny Whitten
  4. Beggars Day – Nils Lofgren
  5. I Don’t Want to Talk About It – Danny Whitten
  6. Downtown – Danny Whitten, Neil Young
  7. Carolay – Russ Titelman, Kack Nitzsche
  8. Dirty, Dirty – Danny Whitten
  9. Nobody – Nils Lofgren
  10. I’ll Get By – Danny Whitten
  11. Crow Jane Lady – Jack Nitzsche

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