In January 1975.


In January 1975, “Island” label released “Sunday’s Child”, the eight John Martyn album. It was recorded in August 1974, at “Island Studios” in Hammersmith, London, and was produced by John Martyn.


  • John Martyn – vocals, guitar, Moog synthesiser, clavinet
  • Danny Thompson– double bass
  • Liam Genockey– drums
  • Al Anderson– bass
  • John Bundrick– piano
  • Kesh Sathie– tabla
  • Beverley Martyn – backing vocals
  • Terry Wilson– bass
  • Tony Braunagel– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by John Martyn, except where noted.

  1. One Day Without You
  2. Lay It All Down
  3. Root Love
  4. My Baby Girl
  5. Sunday’s Child
  6. Spencer the Rover – traditional, arr. John Martyn
  7. Clutches
  8. The Message
  9. Satisfied Mind – Red Hayes, Jack Rhodes
  10. You Can Discover
  11. Call Me Crazy



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