Eloy: Dawn


In December 1976, “EMI Electrola” label released “Dawn”, the fifth Eloy studio album. It was recorded August–September, 1976, at “Studios Nedeltschev” in Cologne, Germany, and was produced by Frank Bornemann, Klaus Peter Matziol, Detlev Schmidtchen and Jürgen Rosenthal.


  • Frank Bornemann– lead vocals, guitars, arranger
  • Klaus Peter Matziol – bass, backing vocals, arranger
  • Detlev Schmidtchen – keyboards, synthesizer, Mellotron, mini Moog, Hammond organ, piano, guitars, backing vocals, arranger
  • Jürgen Rosenthal– voices, drums, lyrics, cymbals, glockenspiel, gong, timbales, kettle drum, temple blocks, roto toms, arranger
  • Georgi Nedeitschev – engineer

Track listing:

All music by Eloy. All lyrics by Jürgen Rosenthal.

  1. Awakening
  2. Between the Times
  • Between the Times
  • Memory Flash
  • Appearance of the Voice
  • Return of the Voice
  1. The Sun-Song
  2. The Dance in Doubt and Fear
  3. Lost!? (Introduction)
  4. Lost?? (The Decision)
  5. The Midnight-Fight/The Victory of Mental Force
  6. Gliding Into Light and Knowledge
  7. Le Réveil du Soleil/The Dawn

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