On November 17, 1986.


On November 17, 1986, “Some Bizzare” label released “Infected”, the second The The album. It was recorded in 1986, and was produced by Warne Livesey, Matt Johnson, Roli Mosimann and Gary Langan.


  1. Matt Johnson – vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion
  2. Neneh Cherry – vocals
  3. Warne Livesey – organ, bass, string arrangement, backing vocals, engineer, remix
  4. Steve Hogarth – piano
  5. Judd Lander – harmonica
  6. Jeff Clyne – acoustic bass
  7. Dan Brown: electric bass
  8. Steve Brown: electric bass
  9. Dave Clayton: synth bass
  10. David Palmer: drums
  11. Roli Mosimann – percussion, programming
  12. Luís Jardim: percussion
  13. Bashiri Johnson: percussion
  14. The Deaf Section: brass
  15. Philip Eastop: French horn
  16. John Edcott: trumpet
  17. Dave DeFries: trumpet
  18. Steve Aitken: trombone
  19. Pete Beachill: trombone
  20. Ashley Slater: trombone
  21. Jamie Talbot: saxophone
  22. Bob Mintzer: saxophone
  23. Andy Blake: baritone sax
  24. John Thirkell: trumpet
  25. Guy Barker: trumpet, flugel horn
  26. Andrew Poppy: brass arrangements
  27. Astarti String Orchestra (leader Gavyn Wright) – strings
  28. The Croquets: backing vocals
  29. Anna Domino: backing vocals
  30. Zeke Manyika: backing vocals
  31. Tessa Niles: backing vocals
  32. Anne Dudley: arrangements
  33. Steve Peck: engineer
  34. Mike Johnson: engineer
  35. Gary Langan: engineer
  36. Sir Barrence Clempson: assistant engineer
  37. Mini Matt: assistant engineer
  38. Barbara Milne: assistant engineer
  39. Steve Reece: assistant engineer
  40. Mark Robinson: assistant engineer
  41. Peter Woodroffe: assistant engineer
  42. Gary Mobeley: fairlight operator
  43. Andy Dog: artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Matt Johnson, except where noted.

  1. Infected
  2. Out of the Blue (Into the Fire)
  3. Heartland
  4. Angels of Deception
  5. Sweet Bird of Truth
  6. Slow Train to Dawn
  7. Twilight of a Champion – Matt Johnson, Roli Mosimann
  8. The Mercy Beat

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