On October 25, 1994.


On October 25, 1994, “Reprise” label released “Turbulent Indigo”, the fifteenth Joni Mitchell album. It was recorded in 1994, and was produced by Joni Mitchell and Larry Klein. The album won “Grammy Award” for “Pop Album of the Year”.The album takes inspiration from artist Vincent van Gogh, both for Mitchell’s self-portrait on the cover, and the song “Turbulent Indigo”.


  • Joni Mitchell – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Michael Landau- electric guitar
  • Greg Leisz- pedal steel guitar
  • Steuart Smith- guitar
  • Larry Klein- organ, bass
  • Bill Dillon – synthesizer
  • Jim Keltner- drums
  • Carlos Vega – drums
  • Wayne Shorter- soprano saxophone
  • Seal- vocals
  • Charles Valentino – backing vocals
  • Kris Kello – backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Joni Mitchell; except where noted.

  1. Sunny Sunday
  2. Sex Kills
  3. How Do You Stop
  4. Charlie Midnight – Dan Hartman
  5. Turbulent Indigo
  6. Last Chance Lost
  7. The Magdalene Laundries
  8. Not to Blame
  9. Borderline
  10. Yvette in English – Joni Mitchell, David Crosby
  11. The Sire of Sorrow (Job’s Sad Song)

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