On October 3, 2000.


On October 3, 2000, “Warner Bros” label released “You’re the One” the tenth Paul Simon solo studio album. It was recorded 1999 – 2000, and was produced by Paul Simon.


  • Paul Simon – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, sitar
  • Vincent Nguini – acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Larry Campbell– pedal steel guitar
  • Mark Stewart– dobro, cello, electric guitar, sitar, banjo, pedal steel gong, tromba doo
  • Alain Mallet – pump reed organ, Wurlitzer
  • Clifford Carter– celeste, keyboard glockenspiel
  • Dan Duggan – hammer dulcimer
  • Howard Levy – harmonica
  • Peter Herbert – upright bass
  • Bakithi Khumalo- bass
  • Abraham Laboriel– bass
  • Steve Gadd– drums
  • Jamey Haddad – percussion
  • Steve Shehan – percussion
  • Steve Gorn – bamboo flute
  • Jay Elfenbein – vielle, vihuela
  • Skip LaPlante – harp, bowls, whirly tube
  • Andy Snitzer – soprano and tenor saxophone
  • Evan Ziporyn – bass clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophone
  • Stanley Silverman – French horns arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Paul Simon.

  1. That’s Where I Belong
  2. Darling Lorraine
  3. Old
  4. You’re the One
  5. The Teacher
  6. Look at That
  7. Señorita with a Necklace of Tears
  8. Love
  9. Pigs, Sheep and Wolves
  10. Hurricane Eye
  11. Quiet

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