On September 29, 1980.


On September 29, 1980, “Mercury” label released the self-titled,  debut Kurtis Blow album. It was recorded in 1979 and was produced by J.B. Moore and Robert Ford.


  • Kurtis Blow, Sudana Bobatoon, Wayne Garfield, Sheila Spencer, William Waring, Adam White – vocals
  • Eddie Martinez, J.B. Moore, Dean Swenson, John Tropea – guitar
  • Onaje Allen Gumbs, J.B. Moore – keyboards
  • Craig Short, Tom Wolk – bass
  • Jimmy Bralower – drums
  • Rod Hui – engineer
  • Erik Block, Paula Stevens, Lisa Zimet – engineer assistant
  • Vincent Davis – mixing
  • Suha Gur – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Rappin’ Blow, Pt. 2 – Kurtis Blow, Robert Ford, Miller, J.B. Moore, Larry Smith
  2. The Breaks – Kurtis Blow, Robert Ford, J. B. Moore, Russell Simmons, Larry Smith
  3. Way Out West – J. B. Moore
  4. Throughout Your Years – Kurtis Blow, J. B. Moore, William Waring
  5. Hard Times – Jimmy Bralower, B. Moore, Russell Simmons, Larry Smith, William Waring
  6. All I Want in This World (Is to Find That Girl) – J. B. Moore
  7. Takin’ Care of Business – Randy Bachman

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