Foghat: Boogie Motel


On September 21, 1979, “Bearsville” label released “Boogie Motel”, the eighth Foghat studio album. It was recorded 1979, at the “Boogie Motel Studios” in Port Jefferson, New York, and was produced by Dave Peverett, Rod Price, Colin Earl, Craig Mac Gregor, Roger Earl and Dave Outeda.


  • Lonesome Dave Peverett– lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
  • Rod Price– vocals, dobro, guitar, slide guitar
  • Colin Earl – keyboards
  • Craig MacGregor – bass guitar
  • Roger Earl– drums
  • Jimmy Ambrosio – accordion
  • Alto Reed– saxophone
  • David Berman – engineer
  • Tony Berman – engineer
  • Bob Coffee – engineer assistant
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering
  • Jim Baikie– cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by Dave Peverett, except where noted.

  1. Somebody’s Been Sleepin’ in My Bed – General Johnson, Greg Perry, Angelo Bond
  2. Third Time Lucky (First Time I Was a Fool)
  3. Comin’ Down with Love
  4. Paradise Alley
  5. Boogie Motel – Rod Price, Dave Peverett
  6. Love in Motion
  7. Nervous Release

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