On September 17, 1979.


On September 17, 1979, “Zappa Records” label released “Joe’s Garage”, 28th and 29th, Frank Zappa albums. The First Zappa’s rock opera was originally released as two separate studio albums, and in 1987, remastered and reissued as a triple album box set, “Joe’s Garage, Acts I, II & III”. It was recorded March — June 1979, at “Village Recorders B” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Frank Zappa.


  • Frank Zappa – vocals, lead guitar
  • Warren Cuccurullo – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Denny Walley – vocals, slide guitar
  • Ike Willis– lead vocals
  • Peter Wolf– keyboards
  • Tommy Mars– keyboards
  • Craig Steward – harmonica
  • Arthur Barrow– vocals, bass, guitar
  • Patrick O’Hearn– bass
  • Vinnie Colaiuta– drums, combustible vapors, optometric abandon
  • Ed Mann– vocals, percussion
  • Jeff Hollie – tenor sax
  • Marginal Chagrin (Earle Dumler) – baritone sax
  • Stumuk (Bill Nugent) – bass sax
  • Dale Bozzio– vocals
  • Al Malkin – vocals
  • Joe Chiccarelli – engineer, mixing, recording
  • Steve Nye– remix
  • Mick Glossop – remix
  • Stan Ricker – mastering
  • Jack Hunt – mastering
  • Thomas Nordegg – assistant
  • Tom Cummings – assistant
  • John Williams – artwork
  • Ferenc Dobronyi – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Frank Zappa.

Act I

  1. The Central Scrutinizer
  2. Joe’s Garage
  3. Catholic Girls
  4. Crew Slut
  5. Wet T-Shirt Nite
  6. Toad-O Line
  7. Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
  8. Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up
  9. Scrutinizer Postlude

Act II

  1. A Token of My Extreme
  2. Stick It Out
  3. Sy Borg
  4. Dong Work for Yuda
  5. Keep it Greasy
  6. Outside Now


  1. He Used to Cut the Grass
  2. Packard Goose
  3. Watermelon in Easter Hay
  4. A Little Green Rosetta

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