On September 13, 1974.


On September 13, 1974, “Warner Bros” released “I’ve Got My Own Album to Do”,the debut Ronnie Wood solo album. It was recorded December 1973, April – June 1974, at The Wick, Richmond in London, and was produced by Ronnie Wood and Gary Kellgren.


  • Ronnie Wood – lead vocals, guitars, percussion, harmonica, guitar effects
  • Keith Richards – lead and backing vocals, guitars, electric piano, piano, percussion, guitar effects
  • Mick Jagger – guitar, backing vocals
  • George Harrison– slide guitar, backing vocals
  • Martin Quittenton– acoustic guitar
  • Mick Taylor– bass, electric guitar, electric piano, ARP synthesizer
  • Ian McLagan– organ, electric piano, ARP synthesizer, piano
  • Jean Roussel– organ, electric piano, piano
  • Willie Weeks– bass, guitar effects
  • Pete Sears– bass, celeste
  • Andy Newmark– drums, percussion
  • Micky Waller– drums
  • Ross Henderson – steel drums
  • Sterling – steel drums
  • David Bowie– backing vocals
  • Rod Stewart– backing vocals
  • Ruby Turner– backing vocals
  • Ireenand Doreen Chanter – backing vocals

Tracks listing:

All tracks by Ronnie Wood except where noted.

  1. I Can Feel the Fire
  2. Far East Man – George Harrison, Ronnie Wood
  3. Mystifies Me
  4. Take a Look at the Guy
  5. Act Together – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  6. Am I Grooving You – Bert Russell, Jeff Barry
  7. Shirley
  8. Cancel Everything
  9. Sure the One You Need – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  10. If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody – Rudy Clark
  11. Crotch Music – Willie Weeks

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