On August 10, 2004.

Crosby & Nash

On August 10, 2004, “Sanctuary Records” released “Crosby & Nash”, double album by David Crosby and Graham Nash. It was recorded January – February 2004, and was produced by Nathaniel Kunkel, Russ Kunkel, David Crosby, Graham Nash and Stephen Barncard.


  • David Crosby- vocals, guitar
  • Graham Nash- vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano
  • Dean Parks- guitar
  • Jeff Pevar- guitar
  • Dan Dugmore- pedal steel guitar
  • Steve Farris- electric guitar
  • Matt Rollings- acoustic piano
  • James Raymond- keyboards
  • Leland Sklar- bass
  • Russell Kunkel- drums, percussion
  • Luis Conte- percussion
  • Arnold McCuller- backing vocals
  • Kate Markowitz- backing vocals
  • Windy Wagner- backing vocals
  • Nathaniel Kunkel – recording, mixing
  • Doug Sax – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Lay Me Down – James Raymond
  2. Puppeteer – James Raymond
  3. Through Here Quite Often – David Crosby, Dean Parks
  4. Grace – James Raymond
  5. Jesus of Rio – Graham Nash, Jeff Pevar
  6. I Surrender – Cohn
  7. Luck Dragon – James Raymond, David Crosby
  8. On the Other Side of Town – Graham Nash
  9. Half Your Angels – Graham Nash
  10. They Want It All – David Crosby
  11. How Does It Shine? – David Crosby
  12. Don’t Dig Here – James Raymond, Graham Nash, Nathaniel Kunkel
  13. Milky Way Tonight – Graham Nash
  14. Charlie – David Crosby, Dean Parks
  15. Penguin in a Palm Tree – Graham Nash
  16. Michael (Hedges Here) – Graham Nash
  17. Samurai – David Crosby
  18. Shining on Your Dreams – Graham Nash, Nathaniel Kunkel
  19. Live on (the Wall) – Flannery, Graham Nash, Plunkett, Proffer
  20. My Country ‘Tis of Thee – Traditional

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