On July 7, 1977.

Styx-The Grand Illusion

On July 7, 1977, “A&M” released “The Grand Illusion”, the seventh Styx studio album. It was recorded in 1977, at “Paragon Recording Studios” in Chicago, and was produced by Dennis DeYoung, James Young, Chuck Panozzo and Tommy Shaw. The album cover was an homage to a painting by René Magritte “Le Blanc-Seing”, and was designed by Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse. The album was certified 3 x Platinum in the US by the “RIIA”.


  • Dennis DeYoung – vocals, keyboards, synthesizers
  • James Young – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Tommy Shaw – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
  • Chuck Panozzo – bass guitar
  • John Panozzo – drums
  • Barry Mraz – production assistance, engineer
  • Rob Kingsland – engineer
  • Mike Reese – mastering
  • Roland Young – art direction
  • Chuck Beeson – design
  • Jim McCrary – photography

Track listing:

  1. The Grand Illusion – Dennis DeYoung
  2. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) – Tommy Shaw
  3. Superstars – James Young, Dennis DeYoung, Tommy Shaw
  4. Come Sail Away – Dennis DeYoung
  5. Miss America – James Young
  6. Man in the Wilderness – Tommy Shaw
  7. Castle Walls – Dennis DeYoung
  8. The Grand Finale – Dennis DeYoung, James Young, Tommy Shaw

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