On May 30, 1981.

Heaven Up Here

On May 30, 1981, “Korova” label released “Heaven Up Here”, the second Echo & the Bunnymen album. It was recorded in March 1981, at “Rockfield Studios” in Monmouth, Wales, and was produced by Hugh Jones , Ian McCulloch, Les pattinson, Pete de Freitas and Will Sergeant. The cover photograph was by Brian Griffin In 1981 ”Heaven Up Here” was voted “Best Dressed LP” and “Best Album” awards at the “NME Awards”. “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 471 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of all Time”.


  • Ian McCulloch– vocals, rhythm guitar, piano
  • Les Pattinson– bass
  • Pete de Freitas– drums
  • Will Sergeant– lead guitar
  • Leslie Penning – woodwind
  • Claes Neeb – engineer
  • Hugh Jones– engineer
  • Martyn Atkins – album design
  • Brian Griffin – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Will Sergeant, Ian McCulloch, Les Pattinson and Pete de Freitas.

  1. Show of Strength
  2. With a Hip
  3. Over the Wall
  4. It Was a Pleasure
  5. A Promise
  6. Heaven Up Here
  7. The Disease
  8. All My Colours
  9. No Dark Things
  10. Turquoise Days
  11. All I Want


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