On May 28, 2001.


On May 28, 2001, “Virgin” label released “10 000 Hz Legend”, the third Air studio album. It was recorded 2000-2001, and was produced by Nicolas Godin, Jean-Benoît Dunckel.and Tony Hoffer


  • Nicolas Godin – vocals, keyboards, bass guitar, guitar, vocoder, harmonica, shamisen, koto, drums, banjo, arranger, engineer
  • Jean-Benoît Dunckel – vocals, synthesizers, drums, percussion, arranger, engineer
  • Justin Meldal-Johnsen– vocals, bass, drum sound
  • Roger Joseph Manning Jr– vocals, keyboards
  • Brian Reitzell– drums, drum sounds
  • Beck– harmonica, vocals
  • Buffalo Daughter– vocals
  • Jason Falkner– vocals
  • Lisa Papineau, Julia Sarr, Ken Andrews, Elin Carlson, Barbara Cohen – vocals
  • Corky Hale – harp
  • Jean Croc – whistle
  • Roger Neill – arranger, conductor, choir conductor, string conductor
  • Brian Kehew– engineer
  • Tony Hoffer – editing, mixing
  • Bruce Keen – engineer, editing
  • Nilesh “Nilz” Patel – mastering
  • Åbäke – design Air logo, layout
  • Ïto Morabito – concept, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Jean-Benoît Dunckel and Nicolas Godin, except where noted.

  1. Electronic Performers
  2. How Does It Make You Feel?
  3. Radio #1
  4. The Vagabond – lyrics by Beck Hansen
  5. Radian
  6. Lucky and Unhappy
  7. Sex Born Poison – lyrics by Sugar Yoshinaga
  8. People in the City
  9. Wonder Milky Bitch
  10. Don’t Be Light
  11. Caramel Prisoner

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