On May 27, 1983.


On May 27, 1983, “Virgin” label released “Crises”, the eighth Mike Oldfield album. It was recorded November 1982 – April 1983, and was produced by Mike Oldfield and Simon Phillips.


  • Mike Oldfield – vocals, guitars, Fairlight CMI, Roland string synthesizer, Oberheim OB-Xa synthesizer, Farfisa organ, piano, Prophet 5 synthesizer, bass guita, acoustic bass guitar, mandolin, banjo, electronic drums, bells, tambourine, shaker, Oberheim DMX drum machine, Oberheim DSX digital polyphonic sequencer, Quantec Room Simulator reverb unit
  • Simon Phillips– acoustic drums, special effects, shaker, finger-snaps, bells, tambourine, boots
  • Ant (Ant Glynne) – guitars
  • Rick Fenn– guitar
  • Phil Spalding– bass guitar
  • Pierre Moerlen– vibraphone
  • Maggie Reilly– vocals
  • Jon Anderson– vocals
  • Roger Chapman– vocals
  • Terry Ilott – cover art

Track listing:

  1. Crises – Mike Oldfield
  2. Moonlight Shadow – Mike Oldfield
  3. In High Places – Mike Oldfield, Jon Anderson
  4. Foreign Affair – Mike Oldfield, Maggie Reilly
  5. Taurus 3 – Mike Oldfield
  6. Shadow on the Wall – Mike Oldfield

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