On May 26, 1972.

I sing body electric

On May 26, 1972, “Columbia” label released “I Sing the Body Electric”, the second Weather Report album. It was recorded 1971 – 1972, and was produced by Robert Devere. The last three album tracks were recorded on January 13, 1972, live in concert in Tokyo and were edited for “I Sing the Body Electric”. These tracks can be heard in their entirety on 1972 import album “Live in Tokyo”. The album title is from an 1855 poem by Walt Whitman and a 1969 short story by Ray Bradbury.


  • Josef Zawinul- electric and acoustic piano, ARP 2600 synthesizer
  • Wayne Shorter- saxophones
  • Miroslav Vitouš- bass
  • Eric Gravatt- drums
  • Dom Um Romão- percussion
  • Andrew White- english horn
  • Hubert Laws, Jr. – flute
  • Wilmer Wise- D and piccolo trumpets
  • Yolande Bavan- voice
  • Joshie Armstrong – voice
  • Chapman Roberts – voice
  • Ralph Towner- 12-string guitar

Track listing:

  1. Unknown Soldier – Joe Zawinul
  2. The Moors – Wayne Shorter
  3. Crystal – Miroslav Vitouš
  4. Second Sunday In August – Joe Zawinul
  5. Medley: Vertical Invader – Joe Zawinul) / H. – Miroslav Vitouš) /Dr. Honoris Causa – Joe Zawinul
  6. Surucucú – Wayne Shorter
  7. Directions – Joe Zawinul

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