On May 9, 1985.


On May 9, 1985, “Polydor” label released “Our Favourite Shop”, the second Style Council studio album. It was recorded December 1984 – March 1985, and was produced by Peter Wilson and Paul Weller. The album cover was designed by Paul Weller and Simon Halfon.


  • Paul Weller– vocals, guitars, bass guitar, synth, design
  • Mick Talbot– Hammond organ, keyboards
  • Camille Hinds– bass
  • Steve White– drums, percussion
  • Helen Turner – piano
  • Peter Wilson – keyboard sequencing
  • Kevin Miller – bass
  • Clark Kent – contra bass
  • Gary Wallis– percussion
  • Dee C. Lee– vocals
  • Lenny Henry– vocals
  • Tracie Young– vocals
  • Alison Limerick– vocals
  • Stewart Prosser – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • David DeFries– trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Mike Mower – flute, saxophone
  • Chris Lawrence – trombone
  • Patrick Grundy-White – French horn
  • Steve Dawson – trumpet
  • Billy Chapman – saxophone
  • John Mealing– orchestration, string arrangement
  • Anne Stephenson – violin
  • Charlie Buchanan – violin
  • Jocelyn Pook– viola
  • Audrey Riley– cello
  • Simon Halfon – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Paul Weller.

  1. Homebreakers – Mick Talbot, Paul Weller
  2. All Gone Away
  3. Come to Milton Keynes
  4. Internationalists – Mick Talbot, Paul Weller
  5. A Stones Throw Away
  6. The Stand Up Comic’s InstructionsBoy Who Cried Wolf
  7. A Man of Great Promise
  8. Down in the Seine
  9. The Lodgers (or She Was Only a Shopkeeper’s Daughter) – Mick Talbot, Paul Weller
  10. Luck – Mick Talbot, Paul Weller
  11. With Everything to Lose – Steve White, Paul Weller
  12. Our Favourite Shop – Mick Talbot
  13. Walls Come Tumbling Down! – Paul Weller

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