On April 5, 1972.

Nash and Crosby

On April 5, 1972, “Atlantic” label released “Graham Nash David Crosby”, the first album by the partnership of David Crosby and Graham Nash. It was recorded in 1972, at “Wally Heider Studio III” in Los Angeles, and was produced by  David Crosby, Graham Nash and Bill Halverson.


  • David Crosby— vocals, guitars
  • Graham Nash— vocals, piano, organ; harmonica, guitar
  • Danny Kortchmar— electric guitar
  • Jerry Garcia— pedal steel and electric guitar
  • Dave Mason— electric guitar
  • Craig Doerge— electric piano, piano, organ
  • Leland Sklar— bass
  • Chris Ethridge— bass
  • Phil Lesh— bass
  • Greg Reeves— bass
  • Russ Kunkel— drums
  • Johnny Barbata— drums
  • Bill Kreutzmann— drums
  • David Duke, Arthur Maebe, George Price — French horns
  • Dana Africa — flute
  • Bill Halverson, Doc Storch — engineer
  • Robert Hammer — photography
  • David Geffen, Elliot Roberts— direction

Track listing:

  1. Southbound Train – Graham Nash
  2. Whole Cloth – David Crosby
  3. Blacknotes – Graham Nash
  4. Stranger’s Room – Graham Nash
  5. Where Will I Be – David Crosby
  6. Page 43 – David Crosby
  7. Frozen Smiles – Graham Nash
  8. Games – David Crosby
  9. Girl To Be On My Mind – Graham Nash
  10. The Wall Song – David Crosby
  11. Immigration Man – Graham Nash

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