On March 22, 2013.

Depeche_Mode_-_Delta_Machine (1)

On March 22, 2013, “Columbia” label released “Delta Machine”, the thirteenth Depeche Mode studio album. It was recorded March – October 2012, at “Sound Design” in Santa Barbara, and “Jungle City Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Ben Hiller.


  • Dave Gahan – vocals
  • Martin Gore – keyboards, guitars, co-lead vocals
  • Christoffer Berg – programming
  • Kurt Uenala– additional programming, vocal recording
  • Ferg Peterkin – engineer
  • Tomas del Toro-Diaz – engineer assistant
  • Dan Tobiason – assistant engineer
  • Will Loomis – assistant engineer
  • Flood– mixing
  • Rob Kirwan – mixing
  • Drew Smith – mixing assistant
  • Bunt Stafford-Clark – mastering
  • Anton Corbijn– backprojection images, design, photography
  • Anja Grabert – back projection images

Track listing:

All tracks by Martin Gore.

  1. Welcome to My World
  2. Angel
  3. Heaven
  4. Secret to the End
  5. My Little Universe
  6. Slow
  7. Broken
  8. The Child Inside
  9. Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
  10. Should Be Higher
  11. Alone
  12. Soothe My Soul
  13. Goodbye

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