On March 16, 2004.

David Byrne Grown Backwards

On March 16, 2004, “Nonesuch” label released “Grown Backwards”, the sixth David Byrne album. It was recorded in 2003, at  “Kampo Studios”, “Loveshack Studio”, “Avatar”, “Skyline”, “RPM Studio”, “Sound on Sound” in New York, “Tequila Mockingbird” in Austin, “CaVa Sound Workshops” in Glasgow, “Cheeba Central” in London, and was produced by David Byrne and Patrick Dillett.


  • David Byrne –vocals, nylon-string guitar, electric guitar, dobro. Rhodes, programming
  • Barry Burns– spacey guitar, Rhodes
  • Jon Vercesi– Rhodes
  • Stephen Barber– prepared piano
  • Karen Mantler– organ
  • Ross Godfrey– keyboards
  • Jon Spurney – keyboards
  • Mike Maddox– accordion
  • Andy Waterworth– bass guitar
  • Steve Swallow– bass guitar
  • Paul Frazier– bass guitar
  • John Patitucci– bass guitar
  • Una McGlone– bass
  • Johnny Quinn– drum kit
  • Steve Williams– drum kit
  • Kenny Wollesen – drum kit
  • Joe Cooper– percussion
  • Paul Godfrey– sequencing
  • David Hilliard– hi-hat
  • Mauro Refosco– marimba, percussion
  • Tom Burritt– marimba, tympani
  • Pamelia Kurstin– theremin
  • Vincent Herring– alto saxophone
  • Gary Smulyan– baritone saxophone
  • Alex Foster– tenor saxophone
  • Earl Gardner– trumpet
  • Ray Anderson– trombone
  • Jon Blondell– trombone
  • Jon Blondell – trombone
  • Keith O’Quinn– trombone
  • Bob Routch– French horn
  • Philip Myers– French horn
  • Shelly Woodworth– oboe, English horn
  • Mark Nuccio– clarinet
  • Lew Soloff– trumpet
  • Bob Stewart– tuba
  • Freddie Mendoza– trombone, euphonium
  • John Mills– clarinet, bass clarinet, flute
  • The Tosca Strings:
  • Tracy Seeger– violin
  • Jamie Desautels– violin
  • Leigh Mahoney– violin
  • Ames Asbell– viola
  • Douglas Harvey –cello
  • Sara Nelson– cello
  • Katherine Fong– violin
  • Soo Hyun Kwon– violin
  • Greg Lawson– violin
  • Fiona Stephen– violin
  • Sharon Yamada– violin
  • Lisa Aferiat– violin
  • Sandra Park– violin
  • Georgia Boyd– viola
  • Donald Gillan– cello
  • Robert Irvine– cello
  • Jane Scarpantoni– cello
  • Alan Stepansky– cello
  • Jeremy Turner– cello
  • Elaine Barber– harp
  • David Creswell– viola
  • Dawn Hannay– viola
  • Alan Ford– vacuum cleaner
  • Rufus Wainwright– vocals
  • Patrick Dillett– backing vocals

Track listing,

All tracks by David Byrne, except where noted.

  1. Glass, Concrete & Stone
  2. The Man Who Loved Beer – Donald Charles Book, Kurt Wagner
  3. Au fond du Temple Saint Georges Bizet, Eugène Cormon, Michel Carré
  4. Empire
  5. Tiny Apocalypse
  6. She Only Sleeps
  7. Dialog Box
  8. The Other Side of this Life
  9. Why
  10. Pirates
  11. Civilization
  12. Astronaut
  13. Glad
  14. Un Dì, Felice, Eterea – Giuseppe Verdi
  15. Lazy – David Byrne/X-Press 2

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