On March 16, 1999.

Who Else

On March 16, 1999, “Epic” label released “Who Else!”, the seventh Jeff Beck studio album. It was recorded in 1998, and was produced by Jeff Beck and Tony Hymas.


  • Jeff Beck– guitars, arrangements
  • Jennifer Batten– guitar, guitar synthesizer
  • Mark John – guitar
  • Tony Hymas– keyboard, sound effects, arrangement
  • Jan Hammer– keyboard, drums
  • Simon Wallace – synthesizer
  • Randy Hope-Taylor –bass
  • Pino Palladino– bass
  • Steve Alexander– drums
  • Manu Katché– drums, percussion
  • Clive Bell –flute
  • Bob Loveday –violin
  • Simon Brint – editing, production assistant
  • Chris Sheldon– mixing
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering

Track listing:

  1. What Mama Said – Jennifer Batten, Jeff Beck, Tony Hymas
  2. Psycho Sam – Tony Hymas
  3. Brush With the Blues – Jeff Beck, Tony Hymas
  4. Blast from the East – Tony Hymas
  5. Spaces for the Papa – Tony Hymas
  6. Angel (Footsteps) – Tony Hymas
  7. THX 138 – Tony Hymas
  8. Hip-Notica – Tony Hymas, Jeff Beck
  9. Even Odds – Jan Hammer
  10. Declan – Donal Lunny
  11. Another Place – Tony Hymas

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