On March 15, 1982.

shoot out the lights

On March 15, 1982, “Hannibal” label released “Shoot out the Lights” the sixth Richard and Linda Thompson album. It was recorded in November 1981, at “Olympic Studios” in London, and was produced by Joe Boyd.


  • Richard Thompson– vocals, lead guitar, accordion, hammered dulcimer
  • Linda Thompson– vocals
  • Simon Nicol– rhythm guitar
  • Dave Pegg– bass
  • Pete Zorn– bass, backing vocals
  • David Mattacks– drums
  • Stephen Corbett –cornet
  • Brian Jones – cornet
  • Phil Goodwin –tuba
  • Stephen Barnett –trombone
  • Mark Cutts – trombone
  • The Watersons (Norma, Mike, Lal, and Martin Carthy) – backing vocals
  • Clive Gregson– backing vocals

All tracks by Richard Thompson except where noted.

  1. Don’t Renege on Our Love
  2. Walking on a Wire
  3. Man in Need
  4. Just the Motion
  5. Shoot Out the Lights
  6. Back Street Slide
  7. Did She Jump or Was She Pushed? – Richard Thompson, Linda Thompson
  8. Wall of Death

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